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15 Fall Maintenance Tasks – You Can Do This Weekend

15 Fall Maintenance Tasks You (should) have time for this weekend Fall is the most beautiful time of the year and busiest. Don’t let these simple tasks ruin your year because of neglect or worse… laziness. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Rake it in  Few things are more beautiful than a yard speckled with

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11 Housewarming Gift Ideas – People Actually Want!

11 Housewarming Gift Ideas That New Homeowners Actually Want Moving in can be a hurricane of events and yet, there is something so relieving about it. Decluttering your home, having a fresh start, and meeting new people can be a few of the stress relieving factors during this chaotic time in someone’s life. Of course,

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The Closing Process – Step by step

The Closing Process Step-by-step guide for sellers, buyers, and real estate agents. If you’re reading this, you’re probably entering the home stretch. Hang in there! The closing process, or settlement, transfers ownership of your new home from the seller to you. Yes, there’s a lot going on, and a lot of money is going to

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8 Things To Do After Closing On Your Home – New Home Checklist

8 Things To Do After Closing Important things to do before you walk into your new home. Congrats! You bought your first home. Now what? Well, there are a hundreds of things that need to be done. Here are some of the major ‘key’ events that need to take place… preferably before you spend the

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7 Reasons For Title Insurance

7 Reasons For Title Insurance WHY EVERY HOMEOWNER SHOULD HAVE THIS Buying a home is an exciting and emotional time for many people. To help you buy your home with more confidence, make sure you get owner’s title insurance. Of course, that leaves us to the ultimate question: Why is it so important? Here are

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How To Measure Your Success

Managing By Metrics: How To Measure Your Success By Andrew Acker, chief operating officer at D. Bello Associates There’s a classic quote that business leaders and managers love to throw around (and spoiler alert, I’m about too as well). It comes from Peter Drucker, one of the original management gurus. He classically states that “what gets

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You know Will. Meet TODD. Let’s Get To Know Him.

A couple of sessions ago, Texas introduced the Transfer on Death Deed (“TODD”) Bill. The connotation of the deed’s name may induce one to think “Lady Bird Deed,” but stop there. This vehicle to transfer title to property upon one’s death differs and provides for an easier posthumous title transfer. In practice, TODD allows a

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20 Ways You Might Lose Your Property

20 Ways You Might Lose Your Property WHEN TITLE INSURANCE COMES INTO PLAY A forgery 50 years ago; a deed executed under duress; an error by a clerk in the county recorder’s office; a misapplied tax payment— these are but a few of the hidden “title defects” that could cause you to lose your property. And,

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Be positive on what you share in the online community

Sellers, be cautious of what you tell others about your neighborhood. In a world where social media and the Internet have made it easy to share our opinions publicly, the reputations of everything from local restaurants to home values has become highly malleable in the public eye. While this culture of communication has its benefits,

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Can a college degree make it harder to buy a home?

According to a recent study by Trulia, in 30 out of the 100 top markets in the country, saving for a 20% down payment is actually faster without a college degree. “In those markets, a household with a college degree isn’t making that much more than a household without,” says Ralph McLaughlin, Trulia’s housing economist.

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