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Our real estate title & escrow company secures your investment while providing extraordinary customer service throughout the closing process.

A title company is essential in Fort Worth’s home-buying and selling process. A title company handles the closing process and issues title insurance. The right Fort Worth title company is key to a stress-free and smooth closing. The Texas Secure Title Closing Team is a dedicated group of experienced professionals committed to providing excellent service to all of their clients. 

Title Insurance

Texas Secure Title Company is licensed through the Texas Department of Insurance to issue title insurance policies through our Underwriting Partners:

• Alliant National Title Insurance Company

• First American Guaranty Company

• First National Title Insurance Company

• Westcor Title Insurance Company

• WFG National Title Insurance Company

We conduct a thorough search of public records to determine matters that affect title and evaluate risks in issuing a title policy.

Escrow Services

Texas Secure Title Company Fort Worth prepares the settlement statement based on the executed real estate contract, Lender’s Closing instructions, Loan Pay-off Statements, County Tax Information, Home Owner’s Association documents, and invoices for services provided in the transaction. As the third party fiduciary, we collect and disburse all funds according to the settlement statement, obtain signatures on the closing documents, and record legal documents with the County Clerk. 

Customer Service

Texas Secure Title Company stands out from other Fort Worth title companies by its dedication to customer service. They know the closing process can be stressful. That is why they work closely to make sure that the process runs smoothly and is stress-free. The team of professionals is available to answer questions and address concerns during the closing process.

Transparent Fees & Pricing

Title Insurance premiums are regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance. Texas Secure Title is a proud Independent Agent providing our clients transparency on every Settlement Statement.

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If you are looking for a great title company in Fort Worth, Texas Secure Title Company is a great choice. The closing process is made easy by our dedication to customer service, and the expertise of our professionals. Texas Secure Title Company is a trusted and reliable title company in Fort Worth.

Off-Site Closing Available

The closing process should be smooth, simple, and stress-free. Can’t come to us? Let us know and we’re happy to meet you wherever you’d like to conduct a closing.

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