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Power Outage Tips

What To Do When The Lights Go Out

There is truly nothing worse than taking a shower when all of a sudden… zzt zzt… the lights go out.

Texas Secure Title Company has prepared an astounding array of tips that will help you in your time of need. So what are you waiting for? Turn the lights on and let’s start reading!

  1. Flashlights – This one should be obvious, BUT when is the last time you used that thing? Is it in the attic? Maybe in the fabric closet? Of course, once you find it, put those batteries to the test.
  2. Portable Charger – One of the tips was going to be check your Portable Radio, but let’s be honest. Who has one anymore? Make sure you keep a portable charger around with a substantial amount of charging capability because the only thing worse than being stranded in a house without lights is being stranded in a house without Facebook right?
  3. Keep Pantry Filled – With food that doesn’t require cooking of course! Our personal favorites are Tuna with crackers but of course to each their own. A Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich does sound good too. Of course, if you’re feeling a little daring in this fall weather, bring out the wood and cook on an open fire!
  4. Save Yourself From Food Poisoning – Fill the empty space in your freezer with containers of water. Frozen water will displace air and keep food cold longer if the power goes out. Remember to leave space in containers for ice to expand. Empty milk cartons can be repurposed in this manner.
  5. Learn How To Use Your Garage – Here’s another obvious one, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t know how to manually open their garage door.
  6. Don’t Get Bored – Remember the whole Facebook thing? What happens if your phone dies? Well… Keep a supply of books, board games, playing cards and other items available to keep you entertained and amused during a power outage.  A bit of chocolate and a bottle or two of wine or whiskey would also help in the amusement area.
  7. Need Special Assistance – Notify your power company in advance if you use special healthcare equipment like oxygen generators or dialysis equipment that require power. Most power companies have the ability to note this in their records and will prioritize the response to your home.
  8. Unplug – Once the power goes out, unplug sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, printers, televisions, and audio equipment.  When the power comes back on, there may be power spikes that can damage delicate electronics.  I know, it has happened to me.  Keeping these items plugged in to surge protector helps but it is still best to unplug these items from the wall completely.
  9. Fridge Rules – Do not open refrigerators or freezers any more than necessary. An unopened refrigerator will keep food cold for approximately 4 hours, an unopened freezer will keep food frozen for approximately 24 hours and even longer if it is located in a cold garage.  You will need to throw away any food items that become warmer than 41 degrees.   No testing, no tasting.  To the garbage it goes.  Sorry, that is just the way it is.
  10. Be Safe – Be wary of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is caused from exposure to odorless fumes created by charcoal grills, camping stoves or generators that are operated inside a home or garage. Never, ever burn charcoal or use gasoline or propane-powered equipment inside your home. Don’t even do it in your garage or on your porch. Use such equipment only when you’re completely outdoors.

All in all, power outages can be a very serious thing in some instances and extensive measures should be taken for certain hazardous conditions. Be sure to contact your Local Department of Public Safety for evacuation warnings, your Electric Company for estimated time on power outage, and any other help that you might need during this time.

Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite “Lights Out!” activities are.

Stay safe out there!


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