New Year, New Home: 7 Ways to Declutter in 2020

New Year, New Home:

7 Ways to Declutter in 2020.

Face it, we all have a little bit of “junk” lying around the house that could land us on the next episode of “Hoarders.” but we put a blind eye to it. Regardless of how much stuff we do or don’t have we could all use a little bit of a refresher to propel things forward for our annual spring cleaning coming up in just a few short months. Here are 7 strategies Texas Secure Title Company has hand-picked for you that will definitely help!


  1. Clothes Gotta Go!

Of course, we have to start with the hardest one of all – I’ll be honest, getting rid of clothes is one of the hardest tasks to do. My closet is STUFFED with old fundraiser t-shirts, a 5k shirt that I’m pretty sure I didn’t even run in… and worse, high school shirts that remind me of a time that I was under 100 lbs. soaking wet. Whether the clothes are too big, too small, with holes that definitely do not belong there, or yellow when they were originally white, it’s time to throw it away (or donate to your local shelter if they are in good shape).


  1. Clear Surfaces

This is a recent one we learned about that everyone has been raving about. As a rule of thumb, keep your countertops, desks, and tables clear of mail, receipts, and any other junk that you might have lying around. If it’s important you can always designate a special drawer or shelf to place key items.


  1. Think Vertical

With so many new gadgets and gizmos galore, there are hundreds of ways we can pick things up from off the floor and hang them on a wall. Potholders, mail, keys, coats etc. all have new chic designs that can take them from clutter on your countertop to glamour on your wall – and the best thing is… if it’s too messy to go on a wall, is it too messy to stay in your home? Just a thought.


  1. Purge the Spices

We all have the cabinet… you know exactly which one I’m talking about. The one with 5 different kinds of garlic salt, expired seasonings, and a large bag of chia seeds and Himalayan salt from when you went on that crazy health kick. Have a family member pick their favorite, keep the go-to’s and throw out the rest (some might even be expired).


  1. Food Containers

Must we say it? Cracked, yellow, or missing lid containers should be thrown out. Also, we might recommend going for more eco-friendly containers such as glass. They look much nicer, very sleek, and no one wants to continuously heat up food in plastic.


  1. Is the Food Good?

This one should be left unsaid but… I know how y’all are. Some of the food in your pantry could be over a decade old! (Sorry I had to insert a clever dad joke in there) Keep the food you’ll eat and throw away the rest. Plus, who doesn’t want a cute pantry aesthetic like this?


  1. 4 Box Method

This is more of a tip rather than a reminder but go with our favorite method. Grab a box for:

  • Keeping
  • Seasonal/Sentimental
  • Donating
  • Throwing Away

Have everyone in the house pick 4 items to put in each box and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.


Your home should feel comfortable and should be a space of healing and relaxation, not stress and disorder. Let us know if any of these worked for you and as always, “our service, your satisfaction.”



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