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Title & Escrow Services

We provide title and escrow services, and title insurance throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth, Burleson, and Colleyville areas

Our Escrow Services and Title Insurance:

  • Residential title insurance (pre-owned home title insurance as well as homeowners’ title insurance for new construction)
  • Mortgage title insurance for refinancing an existing home loan
  • We can also assist those in need of commercial title insurance as well as land title

Other Services Include:

  • Personally picking up the escrow contract and checks or sending to a courier
  • Sending a “Thank You” package to your customer, including a map and directions to our title company, information sheets about the closing process and title insurance
  • Email a weekly update every Wednesday morning
  • Securing a survey (either the existing one from the Seller, or order a new one)
  • Obtaining payoff information and order any payoff statement
  • Ordering a home warranty
  • Securing a copy of the homeowner’s insurance from either the lender or the buyer
  • Sending the title commitment, tax certificate, wire information and survey to the lender and buyer within 24 hours of receiving the title work
  • Preparing a preliminary HUD-1 and send to the listing agent 5 days prior to closing
  • Preparing a final HUD-1 within 1 hour of receiving loan documents

We Go Above And Beyond To Partner with You!

  • We work with the seller to cure defective title issues
  • We provide Escrow and Real Estate training classes
  • Need Spanish translator? Let Us Know!


Texas Secure Title makes sure clients feel special and cared for through outstanding service that we can stand behind. Our closing team has a willingness to do whatever it takes to close on time, keeping our deadlines and more importantly, our word.




The closing process should be smooth, simple, and stress-free. Can’t come to us? Let us know and we’re happy to meet you wherever you’d like to conduct a closing.


  • Texas Secure Title is the only title company I use. They get every file done way ahead of time, so there aren’t any surprises. They make it convenient for me with mobile closings, and all of their staff is very helpful and supportive. If you’re looking for a title company, look no further. You won’t be disappointed!” —Clint Crawford, JC Homes LLC
  • Texas Secure Title Company provides truly great service!! Being a Real Estate Professional with over 10 years of experience I've had to deal with many in the title industry, and in my opinion in terms of excellent service, they exceed. They are professionals who treat your clients and other real estate professionals exceptionally well. They have great attorneys when needed and their entire support team is top notch! Living and working here in the DFW-area I'm glad they are here!”—Jean Sullivan, RJSU Properties, Inc.
  • We don’t get this type of service from anyone else –YOU'RE THE BEST!!!” —Shirley Bishop, Mortgage Processor, First Financial Bank, NA
  • I use Texas Secure Title for all types of residential real estate transactions. I have found them to be fast, accurate, and always reliable on dozens of purchases and refinances. I have had a great closing experience with all of the officers at Texas Secure, but I always request Amanda. She is very responsive and knowledgeable when I have a unique situation, and the information she shares at the closing table is a great value to my clients.” —Mike Gandy/VP, Commercial Bank of Texas N. A.
  • Our business is buying, renovating and selling houses. It is critical that our real estate title and legal work be timely, consistent, and competent. Our buyers and sellers rely on us for trouble-free transactions. We rely on Texas Secure Title. They are one of our competitive advantages. Many of our purchase transactions are complex, and even in those circumstances we've never had a problem."—Joel
  • I would describe them as #1 in overall customer service. They take it to a whole new level, beginning with an introductory and informational email to my clients. They promptly answer any and all questions, pick up checks for me and provide me with the information I need to review in advance of closing, rather than the day of. I have yet to come across another title company that offers so many services and treats their clients with such high regard.” —Shaylah Coogan
  • I wouldn't let anyone else close my properties. I know that Gretchen and her team always have my best interest in mind, and they always put the client first above anything.” —Jewel Johnson
  • The closing team always finds a way to get things done. They are available to talk to my clients at any time and explain what is going on, and at the end of the day, after closing, they deliver my check right to my door.” —Scott Killian
  • I chose them as my designated closing team because of their knowledge of the process, their wonderful customer service, and their ability to work with me as part of my team to complete the sale of the client's home. They understand the importance of first impressions, from answering the phone to getting needs met. I have full confidence in anything I bring to them, and I know that my clients are in safe hands.” —DeDe Galindo
  • This team is amazing! They are always available for questions, and they truly make you feel special. Their service is outstanding, and they keep their deadlines and their word. They are great at making everyone feel very welcomed when they come to close, and you can tell they are happy you are there. You get an upbeat feeling when you close with them that you don't get everywhere. I can't say enough about them – amazing service, great attention to detail. They go above and beyond.” —Lori Solecki